Chiropractic solutions to headaches and migraines

All you need to know about headaches

Headache is one of the most common ailments which need chiropractic adjustment. 90% of headaches come from cervical problems due to the tension we carry on our back.

It is estimated that 1/4 of the population suffers from a headache on a regular basis. Despite their frequency, these ailments should not be considered normal at all. The headache is always a warning sign that something is not right in our body! There are several types of headaches and migraines as there are several causes. The most common cause of headache is the overload of the nervous system, which we know as stress.

Causes of headache
  1. Emotional stress (nervousness, anxiety).
  2. Physical Stress (whiplash, bad posture, insomnia, etc).
  3. Chemical stress (hormones, alcohol, diet and environmental factors).

At Chiropractor Coventry, the chiropractic doctor will offer you a quick and effective treatment to resolve your headache before it gets worse.

The stress-caused headache

Among the various types of headaches, those produced by tension or stress are the most common. These are often due to the cervical spine losing its normal curvature, which can be caused by a combination of factors: poor posture (at work, when sleeping), falls, bumps, accidents, whiplash injuries, tension, nervousness stress, etc.

Curvature of the neck

To keep the head in a normal position and straighten the cervicals, the neck muscles work excessively, reaching spasm and creating strong contractures.

Moreover, these cervical problems can cause, in the long term, vertebral wear such as cervical osteoarthritis and even a herniated disc. That is why it is very important not to mask the discomfort with pills, but to treat the cause of the problem.

All you need to know about migraines

This throbbing pain, usually located on one side of the head, is often aggravated by light and is accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

Migraine occurs as a result of a constriction of the blood vessels of the head with subsequent dilation of the latter, causing pain.

Although there is a predisposition to heredity, migraines are not normal and must be treated properly.

In people who suffer from migraines, we often encounter a vertebral blockage of the cervical nerves that irritate the nerves that control the function of the blood vessels. To detect it and, if it's possible to treat it, it is recommended to carry out a chiropractic review of the spine.

The chiropractic solution to migraine and headache

At Chiropractic Coventry, 83% of patients improved their headache thanks to chiropractic adjustments.

Chiropractic is the solution for those who suffer from headaches. The correction of cervical misalignment has powerful effects on the nervous system.

Chiropractic does not only treat the symptoms of the problem but also the root of the problem. This therapy, which does not resort to drugs - and consequently is devoid of side effects - offers an effective, natural and safe alternative to the treatment of headaches.

The chiropractor makes a complete examination of the cervical area. It then makes very specific vertebral adjustments to eliminate pressure on the pinched nerves that are causing the pains. It also normalizes the functioning of your nervous system, facilitating the irrigation of the arteries to the head. At the same time, it helps to position the vertebrae correctly improving the mobility of the neck and muscles.